İSDER Visited Ministry of Economy

İSDER and İMDER visited Ministry of Economy General Director of Importation Mr. Ahmet E. Çetinkayış and Ministry of Economy Directorate General Director of Product Safety and Inspection Sn. Zafer Soylu in their offices with Chairman of İMDE...


İSDER Attended CeMAT Eurasia Press Conference

İSDER attended Cemat Eurasia press conference which will be held on March 16-19, 2017 in İstanbul. Ender Akbaytogan, Chairman of the İSDER who is one of the speakers, talked about the cooperation of the İSDER-Cemat Fairs and the contributio...


Rental Committee Meeting

İMDER & İSDER Rental Committee met under the presidency of Ms. Reyhan Uğurlu Yücel who is the General Manager of Universal Handlers. In the meeting, rental sector current situation has been evaluated and detailed rental committee workin...


Platform Committee Meeting

İSDER Committees continue to work for the sector and its members. Platform Committee meeting was held under the presidency of Mr. Serkan Acar, Acarlar Makina General Manager. In the meeting, 2016 platform sector has been evaluated and plann...