İSDER (Materials Handling, Storage&Industrial Equipment Association of Türkiye) participated in CeMAT Asia International Stacking, Automation, Transportation and Logistics Fair held in Shanghai, China from October 31 to November 3. İSDER who welcomes visitors from a number of countries within the scope of the fair, gave detailed information about the structure, work and association companies of the Turkish stacking machinery sector. The renting market in China and Japan was evaluated at the “International Rental Conference Asia” meeting held on the first day of the fair. İSDER Rental Committee Chairman Reyhan Ugurlu Yücel and İSDER Deputy Secretary General Oguz Yusuf Yigit attended at the the meeting. İSDER prepared the grounds for the collaborations that were important for the sector and the associations and members with the meetings organized during the fair. In this context, a joint meeting with China Forklift Association (CITA) evaluated the current situation of China forklift market and the place of Chinese forklifts in the world. At the same time, it was decided to strengthen the relationship between CITA and İSDER. İSDER also met with the American Association of Stacking Machineries (MHI) on the fairgrounds. The main agenda was the support of İSDER for MHI events to take place next year, and it was announced that the two institutions were sister organizations. İSDER officials stated that international fairs are of great importance for the promotion of Turkey and machine sub-sector associations.


Lift&Handling Turkey, November- December 2017