Message From the Chairman


ISDER founded by 15 companies on February 8, 2006.  İSDER is the first and the only association that represents Materials Handling & Storage and Industrial Equipment sector. We, as İSDER, are aware of our responsibilities and trying to work on behalf of our sector since the day one.

İSDER which represent the %70 of the Materials Handling & Storage and Industrial equipment sector,  comprises of forklifts, cranes, shelf and storage equipments, personnel lifts, lift equipments and units, conveyors, intralogistic systems.

As you may know, we are the 6th biggest industry in Europe regarding industrial trucks. Turkish Materials Handling sector that grew by %6 with 13,250 unit sales in 2015, saw a %2  growth in 2016. Our aim is to be among the first 3 markets in Europe in the Materials Handling sector, to export 2 Billion Dollars in line with our 100th year vision, creating a market volume of 20,000 units.We are working with all our might in order to reach our goal.

Naturally, your investments; showing the faith you have for our country, production and operations give us strength.

As we all know, the pioneering and hidden role in the development of a country is on the materials handling and industrial equipment sector. Therefore, the power of development goes through our industry.

We, with the knowledge of our responsibilities, are at your service to organize the relations of the sector representatives with the public institutions and organizations, to follow the regulations  prepared in the European Union thanks to the studies carried out jointly with the institutions and the organizations that we are members of their Executive Board. As a result of the activities we have carried out, in light of all these aims, we have become the member of the leading institutions of the world on behalf of Turkey.

As ISDER, we also aim to represent our association worldwide; that’s why in 2007, we became a member of European Union Forklift, Stacker and Storage Equipments Federation’s  (FEM) Executive Board and a member of ERA Europe Renting Organization. Besides, we became IPAF’s (International Powered Access Federation) solution partner in Turkey.

We with the power that we receive from you, are carrying out the activities to bring the Turkish Materials Handling and Industrial Equipment sector, on a position it deserves. We are here to support you and drive you to all fields addressed by our sector. Remember, we are powerful if we work together…

Kind regards,

Board of Directors’ Chairman
İSDER – Association of Forklift Distributors and Manufacturers