Membership Application

Those who accept ISDER membership conditions and sign the ISDER Ethical Values Declaration; companies both manufacturer and distribütör that operate in the materials handling sector, can be members of İSDER. Every legal entity can be represented by three members at most. These members should be selected from among senior officials (Board Member, General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager) authorized to make decisions on behalf of the company.
If you intend to be a member of İSDER, you can send an e-mail to  that consists of the answers of questions below, your name, your surname, position in the company, web site and contact information.


  1. Does the company make production? If yes, according to which standards does the company make production?
  2. Is the company a distributor of any brand? If Yes, of which brands is the company distributor?
  3. What is the approximate turnover of the company?
  4. How many employees are working in the company?
  5. What is the address of company’s headquarters?
  6. Are there any other associations and federations that the company is affiliated with?
  7. Do the products, that are produced or sold by the company, have any certificate(CE, TSE, ISO, BS)?
  8. Does the company have After Sales, Services Compliance Certificate?
  9. How long has the company been in the Sector?
  10. If there are Authorized Services of your products, what are the regions and the number of your Authorized Services?

Please fill in the form below and send it to for membership application.

In case of any further questions please contact with us +90 216 467 09 46