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With the establishment in 1952 of the company INCITAŞ Cevdet Inci laid the foundation for today’s INCI Holding. With his hard work, compassion and will power, he paved the way for a large-scale wheel manufacturing basis no-one could even imagine in those years. His first partnership was the Jant Sanayi Adi Komandit Şirketi; this company used a huge press to producewheel bodies.

The first wheels were produced by inserting the hubs into the rims imported from Germany. In 1968 the company had advanced to a stage where it could manufacture both wheels and hubs.

In his own workshop Cevdet Inci developed a rolling machine which is used in the manufacture of wheel drums. Inci overcame all difficulties at this early stage and continued the business, which he had begun as a trader in tires and automotive spare parts, as a manufacturer.

The expansion of his manufacturing business led to the establishment of JANTAŞ, one of the first corner stones of the newly emerging wheel industry in Turkey. The company received its first patent in 1979. Thanks to its high quality standard and encouraged by its continuing growth trend, the company began to export its products the same year. The successful performance of JANTAŞ gained a new impulse with the establishment of CIDAŞ. It ensured the integration of JANTAŞ in the global market. These activities finally led to a cooperation, in 1992, with the German Lemmerz Group, one of the world’s leading representatives of the sector. One year later the harmonious partnership was transformed into the joint venture LEMMERZ İNCİ JANT SANAYİ A.Ş. In 1997, Hayes, the world leader in wheel production, acquired the European leader Lemmerz. With this acquisition, Turkey became one of the global manufacturing centres for high-quality wheels.

The success in wheel manufacturing encouraged the company to invest in car batteries. They were marketed under the name INCI (pearl), in other words the family name, representing its spiritual value. This car battery was to be produced to global quality standards, and to become a symbol of the entrepreneurial success of Cevdet Inci to be passed on to future generations.

The first factory was established in 1984 in the organised industrial estate Manisa. In 1985 a know-how agreement with Baren followed and with it the equipment of the factory with the latest technology. The INCI car battery was manufactured with the vision of creating a global brand. In 1993 the company entered into a partnership with Ceac, the biggest name in this field in Europe. This was the first step towards globalisation. Two years later, the world leader in car batteries, Exide, bought Ceac which propelled INCI AKÜ onto the world markets. With the support of advanced technology, Inci Akü continues its success story, since 2005 as a 100% investment of INCI Holding. Today, 67% of the company’s production is exported to 80 countries. İnci Akü, meanwhile, is the export leader and the innovation champion title winner in the industry.

The holding is a 100% Turkish capital concern that is dedicated to the principle of giving back to society what society has provided. With its industrial activities, INCI Holding is a shining example of the advances of the Turkish economy. The path that began 63 years ago with the manufacture of automotive spare parts, followed 47 years ago with the production of wheels has led to the establishment of INCI Holding, a group of 15 companies with a total of 2,400 employees. Its business activities are concentrated on five areas, including the automotive supplying industry. Over the last 10 years the holding has achieved an average annual growth of 15%. The value it creates has and will contribute to the advancement of our country.

Company Product Range:Heavy and Super Heavy Duty Batteries

Committees associated with the company: Industry Truck Committee , Manufacturing Committee ,Energy and Powered Systems Committee, Rental Committee ,Component and Spare Part Committee